Astralis get an EPICENTER invite


Second EPICENTER CS:GO invite goes to Denmark’s Astralis.

For over four months in a row, the Danish champions have confidently topped’s global ranking. Since the previous EPICENTER, where Astralis only finished 4th, their roster has seen a single change, as Magisk, a winner of the first EPICENTER Moscow, took over from Kjaerbye. This year, the Danish stars have already scored several notable victories, including at ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier, DreamHack Masters, and ESL Pro League. The team will be among the main favorites in Moscow, and Magisk may become the first CS:GO player to win two EPICENTER events. We wish them good luck and look forward to great games!

Team lineup:

  • dev1ce

  • dupreeh

  • Xyp9x    

  • gla1ve      

  • Magisk