FaZe Clan are the champion of EPICENTER


EPICENTER CS:GO 2018 ended in a triumph for the European team FaZe Clan.

Over a week, the world’s best shooters fought for the title of EPICENTER CS:GO champion. FaZe Clan proved to be the strongest team, after winning six maps out of six in the playoffs. In the final, they confidently bested Natus Vincere, while Nikola 'NiKo' Kovač was deemed to be the tournament’s MVP. This wraps it up for EPICENTER CS:GO; looking forward to the next chapter in 2019!

Prize pool:

  • 1. FaZe Clan (Europe) - $150,000

  • 2. Natus Vincere (Ukraine) - $75,000

  • 3-4. AVANGAR (Kazakhstan), Team Liquid (USA) - $20,000 

  • 5-6. NiP (Sweden), HellRaisers (Europe) - $10,000

  • 7-8. ENCE (Finland), Swole Patrol (USA) - $5,000

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