Epic Esports Events, RuHub and Beyond the Summit Announce BEYOND EPIC Tournament


Epic Esports Events tournament organizer and RuHub broadcast studio announce BEYOND EPIC tournament scheduled for June 2020 in collaboration with Beyond the Summit, North American esports production studio.

The event will feature two divisions: Europe/CIS, and China, with a total prize pool of $250 000. The joint tournament combines the experience of the three leading esports tycoons to achieve the best esports show among the world’s leading regions and teams.

The following teams have already confirmed their participation in BEYOND EPIC:


  • Virtus.pro

  • Natus Vincere

  • OG

  • Nigma

  • Team Liquid

  • Alliance

  • FlyToMoon

  • Team Unique

  • Team Secret

  • NIP



  • Vici Gaming

  • Royal Never Give Up

  • CDEC Gaming

  • Invictus Gaming

  • Team Aster

  • Sparking Arrow Gaming

This list is not exhaustive and will feature even more popular teams. Overall, the tournament will have 12 slots for the Europe/CIS division, and 8 slots for the China division.

The Europe and CIS qualifiers will decide two group stage slots, starting on the 8th of June. Open qualifiers will be held on June 7, which available to any team in the region (link for registration is here). According to the results of the open qualifiers, the best team will pass to the closed qualifiers, where it will compete with 7 invited for two slots in the group stage. For the Chinese divisions, the games start from the group stage without preliminary qualifiers.

The event’s group stage in Europe and CIS is scheduled for 15th through 24th June, in China — 21st through 25th June. Europe/CIS playoffs are scheduled for 25th through 28th June with a prize pool of $200 000. The Chinese division will battle for the championship title and $50 000 on 26-28th June.


Beyond the Summit is a beloved esports tournament organizer, content creator, and broadcast studio headquartered in Los Angeles, California. BTS is a world-class esports studio, producing 12+ Summit-style tournaments every year that reach millions of viewers around the globe. Beyond the Summit is most recognized for its unique blend of premium production value and grassroots vibes. 

Epic Esports Events has been hosting a series of EPICENTER tournaments among the world's top esports players in Moscow and Saint Petersburg since 2016. The award-winning EPICENTER series gather tens of millions of viewers all over the globe, its quality appraised by prestigious awards such as EUBEA, Eventex, MarSpo, BISPO, BEMA, and Sport Leaders Awards. Epic Esports Events also hosts the regular Epic League, which is attended by esports teams from the CIS and European countries. In different years, EEE has been and continues to be an organizer of international tournaments for brands: Parimatch League, MegaFon Winter Clash, Adrenaline Cyber League, KFC Battle, etc. EEE is a member of ESforce Holding.

RuHub is a key esports media content producer and the largest Russian-based esports studio in the world. The studio boasts best casters in the region, in-depth analytics, and high-quality broadcasts of all esports world spotlights. RuHub officially covers the largest Valve tournaments in Russian, including the International. 

RuHub has hosted and broadcasts the largest and most popular tournaments, including the stages of the Dota 2 and Fortnite world championships, CS:GO and Rainbow 6 Siege tournaments, and even show matches with the stars of the Russian national hockey team.

In May 2019, RuHub studio's Dota 2 esports broadcasts on the Twitch streaming platform became the most viewed worldwide. Also, RuHub broadcasts for the first time entered the top ten most viewed in the world in the first half of 2019. RuHub's Dota 2 channel became the most popular in terms of views in Russian on Twitch in 2019. In second place at the end of the year, the RuHub studio channel is also located, but with broadcasts on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. RuHub studio is a member of ESforce Holding.