Official website: http://epicenter.gg 

Group stage: June 22 - 23 
Playoffs (studio format): June 24 - 26 
Playoffs at CSKA Arena: June 28 - 30 


Tickets for the playoffs at CSKA Arena: from 490 RUB for a 1-day ticket to 19900 RUB for the most expensive 3-day pass. 

Where can I buy a ticket? - http://ticket.epicenter.gg 

How to buy a ticket? - Fill out the form on the site and pay with a bank card. In 20 minutes you will receive an email with tickets and all the information about the event. You will need to print your ticket. If you did not pay for the ticket immediately, the letter will contain payment information, addresses of ticket offices offline and valid time for your reservation. 

How to get an e-ticket? - In 20 minutes after the payment, you will receive an email with your ticket in PDF. 

Do I need an ID or passport to get to the CSKA Arena? - No, you don’t. 

I have 2 tickets on my name, can the other person use one of them? - Sure. 

Are all tickets already on sale or there will be more tickets for sale later? - All of the tickets on sale right now and they are very quickly snapping up. Buy a ticket before they sold out if you want to attend the event. 

I didn’t have time to buy a ticket in a certain category. Any chance that they will be on sale again? - Some tickets will be on sale again if a reservation on these tickets will be canceled. You can check tickets on our website - http://ticket.epicenter.gg

I don’t know where to find my place at the CSKA Arena. What do I need to do? - Look up to the signs, there is plenty of them at the CSKA Arena or contact to any steward who is on duty at the entrance to the sectors. 

Where can I find the rules for visiting CSKA Arena (formerly known as VTB Ice Palace)? - http://en.parklegends.ru/calendar-and-tickets/rules/ 


Can I get any gift set for buying a ticket for 1 day? - No, only 3-day pass owners will get gift sets. 

When will be the signing sessions? - Signing sessions’ schedule will be ready in a few days before playoffs. It depends on when the exact team will have games. 

Where can I get my gift set and other bonuses? - 3-day pass owners can get all their bonuses in special zones located opposite the main entrance of CSKA Arena (formerly known as VTB Ice Palace). These zones will be open from 9:00 to 18:00 28-30 June. 
ATTENTION! Gifts are given ONLY on the street, in the gift zones opposite the main entrance to the VTB Ice Palace! There are no gift zones inside the Arena! 

What is a Mysterious box? - A set of random gifts from the current and past tournaments. 

I have a 3-day pass, in which format my poster will be? - A2 format. 

Can I give a ticket to the signing session to another person? - Yes, tickets to the signing sessions may be transferred to other persons. An exception is the cards of autograph sessions of the category RAMPAGE. Tickets without a VIP bracelet will not give access to the signing session. 

I have a ticket with early access to the arena, what does it mean? - Early access to the arena from 10:00. Three out of six inspection cabins will be working from 10:00. 

What does the phrase mean: "An opportunity to win a ticket for a signing session"? - We all know that there will be thousands of people who want to get the sing from their favorite team or player, but its only 1 hour for each signing session. Only a special ticket will give you access to the session. 1 ticket equals 1 signing session. Some categories of the 3-day passes have the opportunity to win a ticket in the raffle. It will be “all random” raffle in time of receiving the gift set. 


What teams are participating in The EPICENTER Major? - Gambit Esports, Virtus.pro, Team Secret, Team Liquid, OG Esports, PSG.LGD, RNG, Vici Gaming, Forward games, Evil Geniuses, PaiN Gaming, Infamous, TNC, Fnatic, NiP, Alliance.

Can I stream the Group stage and the Main part of the EPICENTER Major? - No, only official streams are allowed, everything else will be blocked. 

Will the broadcast be available on YouTube? - No. 

Can you tell the format of the Playoffs? - The format for the Group stage and Playoffs will be released soon. 

It’s 360° arena, how will the booth be allocated? - The booths will be under the screen, they are directed on the central part of the arena, at the sectors of the Terrorblade category. 

What will be on the side screens, the in-game statistics or the match itself? - This time there are no central or side screens. The arena is circular, so in the center of the arena hangs a huge cube and four screens on this cube that looks in 4 different directions. 

I'm running the youtube channel, can I use materials from streams? - Yes, but not for the live broadcast. You can use our materials in highlights only with agreement with the organizers - please, email to info@epicenter.gg 

I am from Portugal and I want to watch the EPICENTER in my native language! - No problem, we will have broadcasts in different languages on Twitch.tv. You can find all available channels on our website http://epicenter.gg or via the link https://www.twitch.tv/team/epicenter. 

In which sectors will the casters? - Casters will sit in the corner closed sectors of the 2nd floor. 

Will there be a cosplay contest/accreditation for cosplayers? - Unfortunately, not. 

Where I can find the schedule for the playoffs and finals? - We will release the schedule in a few days before the playoffs, wait for the announcements in our social media and on the official website. 

Who will comment on the matches? - A full list of talents will appear closer to the beginning of the tournament. 

I want to be a photographer at the EPICENTER, will security let me go with the camera? - Yes, but only on areas for viewers. 

If I feel bad during the tournament, where can I get help? - Please, immediately contact the any steward in the CSKA Arena sectors. 

Can I bring a poster with me to support my favorite team? - You can, if it does not contain offensive images and words, and does not interfere with other viewers around you. 

We want to buy a VIP lounge, what we need to do? - Email mm@epicevents.gg 

Can I come to the Group stage? - No, the Group stage is held in a closed format with online broadcasts. We are waiting for the spectators from 28 to 30 June to the playoffs. 

Where can I find pictures from the tournament? - http://media.epicenter.gg 

I will miss the opening ceremony on the first day, what to do? - Do not worry, the opening ceremony will be repeated all 3 days of the playoffs. 

What is the size of the screens in the arena? - It’s projection screens, approximate size 16 to 9. 

Do you have any activities between matches? - Of course. Special stands and entertainment zones by our partners will be located in the lobby on the 2nd floor. 

Where is the parking? - Multi-level parking is located next to the CSKA Arena (next building). This parking is managed by the city, now it's free, but it can be changed. 

Do you need the volunteers for the EPICENTER? - Unfortunately, not. 

Where can I apply for media accreditation? - http://epicenter.gg/en/press-center/accreditation

I still have questions on accreditation, who can I ask? - The PR department manage all accreditation; if you have any questions, write to pr@esforce.com 

Is it possible to bring food to the “CSKA Arena”? - No, and this is not our whim, but the rules of behavior for sports and cultural entertainment events. But no one will be left hungry, inside there will be an opportunity to buy food and drinks. We draw your attention that the decision on admission to the event is taken by the security staff of the arena. 

Is it possible to bring drinks on the territory of CSKA Arena? - Yes, but only in plastic containers up to 0.5 liters. No glass or metallic bottles and cans are allowed! 

How is the food organized inside the “CSKA Arena”? - There is a food court inside with various types of fast food and drinks. If you are
not satisfied with the range, there is a shopping center not far from the arena. 

Can I buy cards for autograph sessions? - No. 

Will it be possible to leave the arena during the EPICENTER? - You can, but do not forget to take a ticket with you. Also, you MUST scan your ticket on the turnstile at the exit. If you do not do this, the system will think that you are still inside the arena and will not let you back. 

Will teams’ merchandise be sold at the CSKA Arena? - There will be a Fragstore shop, where you can buy devices and souvenirs. 

Do all teams give the signing session? - This information will be published with the schedule of signing sessions, after the end of the group stage. 

I still have questions, where can I ask them? - In the DMs of our official page https://www.facebook.com/epicentergg