EPICENTER Major tickets available for purchase


EPICENTER Major tickets available for purchase

The ticket sale for the EPICENTER Major, the fourth tournament of Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) 2019-2020 season*, begins today. The event’s finale is scheduled for 8-10th May 2020 in Moscow’s “CSKA Arena” Ice Palace. The venue will feature a 360° degree stage, allowing for maximum coverage of the cyberbattles from any angle. Tickets and passes for the tournament final stage are already available on the official website epicenter.gg and web portal concert.ru.

Maksim Maslov, Epic Esports Events CEO: “We decided to replicate the massive success of last year’s EPICENTER Major by reintroducing the amazing 360-degree stage. Also, we have listened to your feedback and optimized the viewing angles. We are looking forward to welcoming the fans to our main event in May!”.

The one-day ticket cost is the same as last year and starts from 490 Rubles, the all-day passes start from 1500 Rubles. Pass holders usually get bonuses depending on their tier, including early venue access, gift packs, autograph session access, etc. This year, passes are available in seven different categories:

  • Lion, Phoenix, Doom, and Ember Spirit, ranging from 1500 to 4900 Rubles. Includes a guaranteed gift and an opportunity to win a ticket to the autograph session. Ember Spirit also includes early venue access.

  • Dragon Knight, and Pudge costing 6900 and 9900 Rubles. Pass holders of this category are entitled to guaranteed gift sets, tickets to a random or scheduled autograph session, early venue access, and an opportunity to win additional autograph session tickets.

  • VIP-category RAMPAGE pass costs 19900 rubles over 3 days of the event. Includes early venue access, a guaranteed gift pack, 10 collectible cards,  a VIP-pass bracelet to any autograph session, and an opportunity to win additional autograph session tickets.

The number of tickets is limited. See you at the EPICENTER Major!

*with the support of Dota 2 developer - Valve company.