Mousesports is replaced by HellRaisers


To the regret of EPICENTER’s organizers and all Russian CS:GO fans, Mousesports, who previously received and accepted a direct invite to the tournament, pulled out of participation a week before its start.

The reason for the withdrawal, as stated to us, was “conflict within the team”, and despite our negotiations with the team’s leadership in an attempt to keep them participating, we received a definitive refusal. This forced us to amend the participant list, which was a difficult decision to make, seeing as the time left until the tournament was insufficient for the organizers to settle visa issues.

Mousesports will be replaced by HellRaisers, who took part in the EPICENTER CS:GO CIS qualifier. They are due to take part in the October 22 LAN qualifier, where they’ll fight for a spot in the group stage. Since HR were defeated in the CIS qualifier and are not eligible for entering the group stage based on their ranking, AVANGAR, the regional qualifier winner, will advance directly to the group stage. The complete list of EPICENTER CS:GO participants is now as follows:

Group stage:

  • Natus Vincere


  • FaZe Clan

  • NiP

  • Team Liquid

LAN qualifier:

  • Swole Patrol

  • 5Power Gaming


  • ENCE Gaming

  • HellRaisers

As a reminder, on October 19, the strongest team in the LAN qualifier, based on their HLTV ranking, will get a spot in the group stage. The four remaining teams will compete for two further group stage spots in a double-elimination bracket on the first tournament day.

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