The popular pharmaceutical brand Kagocel has become an official partner of the EPICENTER esports tournament in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

The popular antiviral is manufactured by the Niarmedik company in Russia. This is the first collaboration in the CIS between esports and an antiviral brand. The purpose of this activity is to transcend the traditional, “sterile” image of medicine and help a young, forward-looking audience get rid of viruses not only in cyberspace but also in their own bodies. It will include a creative presentation of the company’s key product.

Kagocel is partnering up with Wavemaker and ESforce to hold social media giveaways of discounts at FragStore, an esports merchandise retailer. There will also be contents, open to everyone, for a chance to get to signing sessions of people’s favorite esports teams.

Additionally, the pharmaceutical brand will be integrated into the tournament’s official Twitch livestream, as well as into the design of its venue, the CSKA Arena ice stadium, where EPICENTER’s playoffs are due to be held on October 27–28.

The central communicative idea behind the collaboration between Kagocel is ‘Boley pravilno!’ — a play on words that can mean both ‘Do being ill right!’ and ‘Do rooting right!’ The project is to show the young, active esports audience that the right approach to preventing and treating flu and acute respiratory viral infection will help get rid of the illness in an efficient way and go on to support one’s favorite team.

Anna Dakhina, Kagocel product manager, Niarmedik: “Many difficulties await professional players along their career path. Some put entertainment and leisure on the back burner and frequently overload themselves with long hours of practice. Naturally, this weakens the body’s defenses and makes it susceptible to acute respiratory viral infections and flu. We want to remind esports players about the necessity of a responsible approach to one’s own health and lifestyle, a part of which is the culture of preventing colds and flu, including with the Kargocel antiviral.

Maxim Maslov, CEO, Epic Esports Events: “This project is further proof that the brands which have been entering esports display virtually no clear-cut tendency towards a particular sector of the economy. The largest players of the esports market offer companies partially unique tools for working with young, active people. In some cases, these tools are equally useful in both increasing brand product recognition and conveying socially important information — such as combating viral diseases — to audiences.

Roman Ryazanov, Senior Digital Special Projects Manager, Wavemaker: “The project’s success stems from close teamwork and faith in the idea, where every member of the team is equally passionate about the project. We’re happy to work with a client who is open to all things new and innovative, unafraid of taking risks and stepping outside the bounds of familiar clutter, and focused on a quality treatment of the creative part. This project is a first for Russia in the pharma category and the esports field; we’re hoping to get excellent results and communicate with the audience further by launching our own communications platform.”