LGD.Forever Young wins the Chinese qualifier!


The Chinese qualifier for EPICENTER: Moscow has recently ended, with LFY as the surprise winner.

LFY didn’t start out particularly well in the qualifier: they lost in the very first round and dropped to the bottom bracket. Then, however, they pulled off something incredible: LFY won 5 matches in a row, culminating in an impressive victory against the organization’s main roster, LGD Gaming. Reliable strategies, confident execution and smart teamwork were what made LFY the one team, out of the region’s top 8, that will journey to Moscow in search of glory! We can’t wait to see them at EPICENTER: Moscow!

Team roster:

  • BurNIng

  • Op

  • Xxs

  • BoBoKa

  • Q

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Epic Esports Events specializes in organizing international competitions, and was the organizer for the EPICENTER: Moscow Dota 2 tournament held in May 2016. The first EPICENTER: Moscow tournament was followed by over 24 million viewers worldwide.

At Europe’s leading EuBEA awards in 2016, the tournament got the prize for the best event in Europe in the Live Entertainment industry. A total of 1,000 applications for the awards had been entered in 21 nominations, with 114 events shortlisted. 

The second EPICENTER: Moscow, Russia’s first world-class CS:GO tournament, received ample coverage in domestic as well as international media. The finals were broadcast on the nationwide Match TV channel, and gathered over 14 million online views.

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