Tournament Rules

The rules outlined should all the time be followed by all participants to the Counter Strike: Global Offensive tournaments organised by Epic Esports Events.

All participants understand that the decision of the admin is at the top of the authority hierarchy, and will be followed even if it is contrary to what is stated in the rules, in order to ensure fairness and sportmenship. 


1.1. This is the only ruleset applicable to Epicenter and shall be respected by all participants.
1.2. Each participant is expected to read, understand and follow the rules from the starting point of their activity at Epicenter.

2) Tournament Structure

2.1. Open qualifiers
2.1.2. All open qualifiers will be held on FACEIT.
2.1.3. All the games in the open qualifier will be best-of-one until ro8
2.1.4. All the games in the open qualifier will follow the Faceit Cup Rules.

2.2. Closed qualifiers
2.2.1. The closed qualifiers will be held in a GSL Group Format, with 4 teams per group playing best-of-threes. The top team from each group will face each-other, and the winner will qualify to the LAN event.
2.2.2 The closed qualifiers will be split in two regions, CIS and EU. In order to be eligible for either regions, a team must have a minimum of 2 originating from a country within that region. (CIS Countries: Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan)

2.3. Lan Format
2.3.1. The LAN event will feature 6 invited teams and 2 qualified teams. 
2.3.2. The 8 participating teams will be split into 2 Groups playing in a best-of-two Round Robin format. Their results in the groupstage will influence the seeding for the playoff, with the first place of the group going to the Semi-Finals, and the 2nd and 3rd place will face each other in the quarter finals.
2.3.3. The veto for the groupstage will be BB BB PP with the 7th map being autobanned.
2.3.4. For each victory, a team will be awarded 1 point.
2.3.5. The playoff will be played in a single-elimination bracket type, in a best-of-three format for all games.
2.3.6. The veto for the playoff will be BB PP BB Decider.

In case of a tiebreaker in the round robin group stage, the following factors will be taken into consideration in deciding which teams go through (in this exact order):

a) Direct result
b) Direct result round difference
c) Group global round difference

Overtime rounds are not taken into consideration for round difference.

3) Participants

3.1. 6 teams will be invited to the LAN event.
3.2. 1 team will qualify from the European qualifier
3.3. 1 team will qualify from the CIS qualifier

4) Teams Lineup

4.1. Each team is allowed to have 5 main players and 2 reserves, which have to be communicated to the organisers at the start of the tournament. 
4.2. If the team fails to communicate their lineup to the organisers, the players that were representing the team on their first match in the tournament will be registered as official lineup.
4.3. If a team changes 3 or more players from their initial lineup, the organiser reserves the right to void the invite and find a replacement for the team in cause.
4.4. A team can use a maximum of 2 standins per game, and must inform the organisers about it prior to the start of the game.
4.5. A standin can not be a player of another active team in the tournament, whether it is in the same division or another one.

5) Broadcasting

5.1. All broadcasting rights are owned by Epic Esports Events, and it includes match VODs, replays, GoTV and demos.
5.2. Epic Esports Events reserves the right to waive these rights to participants or third parties.
5.3. By participating at Epicenter, all teams accept the broadcast of their games by Epic Esports Events in any way in which the later finds appropriate.

6) Match Rules and Game Settings

6.1. All teams are expected to be ready 15 minutes prior to the start time of the game. In the case of a team not being able to be ready in time, it has to inform the organisers at least 3 hours before the game start time.
6.2. Players are not allowed to use any external software or hardware that interacts in game. Any modification that would alter the game or confer an unusual type of advantage to any player is strictly prohibited.
6.3. All participants are required to send their configs to the organisers at least 48 hours before their games order to be checked and approved.
6.4. Players that have been VAC-Banned in the past 12 months are not allowed to participate. If a player receives a VAC-Ban during the tournament, the team will be disqualified.
6.5. All players are expected to use their official nicknames during the games. 
6.5. The map pool contains the following maps:

- Dust 2
- Train
- Nuke
- Cobblestone
- Mirage
- Cache
- Overpass

6.6. The map veto order will be decided by a cointoss. The winner of the cointoss decides which team starts the veto process. The veto process will function in the following way:

Team A bans map
Team B bans map
Team A picks map
Team B picks map
Team A bans map
Team B bans map

6.7. Teams are allowed to have a coach during their games. A team cannot use two different people as coaches throughout the tournament. The coach is treated as a participant regarding conduct, ghosting, cheating etc.
6.8. All players are obliged to record in-game demos from the first to the last round. If any demo is incomplete on critical moments during the game, the team will be disqualified.
6.9. If a match is interrupted due to a participant technical issues (player crash, VAC error, network issues etc), the team in cause has 15 minutes of pause time to solve the issue or bring a reserve/standin.
6.10. If a match is interrupted due to an organisers technical issue, the admin will decide what action will be taken.
6.11. Players must keep the recorded demos for 24 hours after the end of the game. In case a participant is playing from an internet cafe or an alien computer, he must save the demo on an external memory or email it to himself/organisers.

7) Teams and players responsibilities

7.1. All teams and players need to ensure that they are not wearing any indecent clothes. In a contrary case, the organisers will provide the participant with Epicenter apparel, cost of which will be deducted from the winnings of the team.
7.2. All indications from administrators must be obeyed and closely followed. 
7.3. Each team must nominate one player for pre-match and post-match interviews.
7.4. All participants are required to take part to the press-conference or signing session upon the request of the organisers.
7.5. All participants must take part to the Media day, and grant Epic Esports Events the right to use any material for any purpose the later finds appropriate.
7.6. Participants must take part to the winners ceremony that will take place after the grand final.

8) Sanctions and punishments

8.1. Teams will be sanctioned for not following the rules of the tournament.
8.2. The sanctions and punishments are given by the tournament’s main referee, and will be communicated to a team’s representative. 
8.3. Each violation will be sanctioned with penalty points, and each penalty point is equivalent to 1% of the winnings of a team. Each team can collect up to 100 penalty points, after which it will be disqualified if any further violation occurs.
8.4. Penalty points will be given by the admin based on the gravity of violation. Most popular violations are: punctuality, nicknames, standins, flaming, misconduct and unsportsmanlike behaviour. 
8.5. Participants grant Epic Esports Events the right to remove % of their winnings based on the violations of the regulations made by the players/coach/management of the team.